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We rocked the Edinburgh Castle with the help of Frank Portman, who read his famous French lesson scene and sang some songs, including the classic “She Turned Out To Be Crazy.” Stephanie Kuehnert demonstrated the possibility both of writing a punk scene about Grease, and of using guitar picks to promote a novel. Erick Lyle deconstructed San Francisco anti-war rallies, and told a story including the line “I intentionally sought out demeaning employment and I found it.” Blag Dahlia, fresh from a tour of Croatia, talked about the sex life of punk musicians and sang the song “Let's Just Get High and Fuck Some Sluts." Ammi Emergency covered understanding each other, Nikos Kazantzakis, and the exquisite feeling of being thrown out of a bar. Unflappable punk expert Jack Boulware did a heroic job as the evening's guest MC.