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Michelle Richmond, author of The Year of Fog and editor of Fiction Attic, read of plexiglas chastity belts, corsets, and the illusion of love. Michael Disend, author of Stomping the Goyim, read “Penman's Left Hook,” a story about learning the left hook, the payoff punch, mankind's secret weapon, and feeling the boxing god's grace. Barry Willdorf read from Bring The War Home!, a novel of American resistance to the Vietnam war, about the politics of a 1960s collective and the conscience of a Marine. Elizabeth Koch of Opium Magazine read about finding your favorite sunglasses while having sex by the bookshelves, a mouse falling to its death in Buena Vista Park, and the problems of being an “in-obvious invalid.” Roger Pinnell read, from his collection in progress, about skid row hotels in the 1980s, and from his punk magical realist story “Snakes Don't Answer.”