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Encylopedia Project editor Miranda F. Mellis, author of The Revisionist, told the story of a writer who dreams of pillows, and the mystery of destiny. Eliot Fintushel played some theremin and read from Breakfast with the Ones you Love about a small-time drug dealer who is also the Chosen of the Chosen of the Chosen – Eliot also won the bottle of wine for being the fastest to guess the name of an author from audience clues. Bucky Sinister told of finding drugs as a small-town fuck-up, and of a mysterious donut store in the Outer Mission. Instant City editor Gravity Goldberg read of a dysfunctional road-trip and a man who falls in love with a goldfish. Alia Volz read from her sexy story “Dolores in Ash,” and would have won the bottle of wine had she not been disqualified on a technicality -- while filling in for Tom Kealey, who was unable to attend.