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Cameron Tuttle, besides clarifying what a bad girl actually is, told us of the tribulations she faced while making the Bad Girl's Guide books into the bestselling series they are today. Jennifer Solow, wearing something fabulous, read from her national bestseller The Booster, a book where as Jennifer puts it “the shoplifting scenes are the sex scenes,” and how. Melodie Bowsher read the notorious chaper seventeen from My Lost and Found Life, the one about pox parties and strippers. Kathi Kamen Goldmark, of the Rock Bottom Remainders, surpassed all expectations by singing the slut song, accompanying herself on guitar. Wendy Merrill read from Falling Into Manholes, which on the evening on question had only just been acquired by Putnam. Guest MC standup comic Mary Van Note, first place winner of the 2006 Twisted Biscuit competition, showed us just what a twisted biscuit she could be.