As part of the Litcrawl, InsideStorytime SHOW AND TELL took place at the Lone Palm Bar on Saturday October 9th, 8.30 - 9.30 pm. Andrea Drugay brought a femur bone and read a poem about it. Judy Budnitz read from a story about her sister contracting leprosy at college, and brought a bag allegedly containing all that was left of her. Jonathon Keats demonstrated how to manufacture an extraterrestial lifeform. Lauren Becker brought a ballpoint pen and read a story about a Jeopardy pendant. Colby Buzzell showed a crack pipe and told about trying crack in the Tenderloin. Linda Robertson sang about stuffed plush mooses and hot water bottles as boyfriend substitutes. There were last-minute lineup changes because Regina Louise couldn't make it to the event. Really it was pretty much exactly like elementary school only part of Litquake